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Darussalam Store-Help Page


We have a wide range of Quran available in different languages and sizes with certain copies containing translations and tafsir. Visit our Quran and Tafseer category to select the Quran suitable to your needs. 


Looking for authentic hadith books? Our collection of Hadith books  include Al-bukhair and Al-Muslim among many others. To buy your own copy visit our Hadith category on the website.

Islamic Products

We have a wide range of Islamic products and digital devices for all your needs. The products range from Al-Bayan devices to products like veils, rosaries etc. Visit our Islamic products and digital devices categories to view detailed product list.


If you are interested in reading about the importance and rulings of fasting during Ramadan then view our Ramadan collection on the website. Our collection has books regarding your basic Ramadan knowledge.

Books Suitable for Children

Darussalam has a special collection of books catering to children between the ages of 1-13 years. The books range from basic Arabic learning books, storybooks and basic Islamic teachings. We also offer  Islamic studies book for grade 1-12, that are a staple of any school curriculum. In order to review the full collection please visit the children category. 

Books for Women

Darussalam has a collection of books pertaining to women.  We have books discussing the great women of Islam as well as books covering the rulings for women and life lessons. To view the entire range visit the Women category on the website. 


Learn more about the life and teachings of the Prophets of Islam including the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and his companions. Select a book from our collection of Islamic biographies. 

Hajj and Umrah

For complete guidance on performing Hajj and Umrah, buy a book from our Hajj and Umrah collection. 

Prayers and Supplication

Our collection will interest all readers looking for books on a guide to salat as well as daily prayers and supplications. View the entire collection for details. 


Our range of educational books contain various publications on  Islamic studies course books and the general teachings of Islam. Select a book of your choice from our educational books range.


If you are interested in reading books on parenting, treatment of parents, family planning in the light of Islam then consider our family section on the website. 


For anyone interested in Islamic medicine and healing in the light of Islamic teachings should refer to our stock of medicinal books. 


The catalogue of our history books are recommeneeded for a guide on the history of Islam, the great conquests and the life of the believers during the spread of Islam.


For the human understanding of Shariah, deepen your knowledge by reading a book from our Fiqh collection. 


Our catalogue of science books will enlighten you regarding the miracles of Islam and the connection between Islam and science. Review our collection for the full list of books available.


Fulfill your calling to Islam by reading books from our stock of Dawah books.

Multilingual Books

Our books are published in over 24 languages to cater to individuals irrespective of language barriers. Select the language of choice from the drop down menu to see our range of books pertaining to that language.

Books for each Age Group

If you wish to view all the books pertaining to a particular age group please refer to the age group categories on the homepage.

New Muslims

For newly reverted muslims the main concern is to increase the basic understanding of Islam and its principles. Check out our New Muslims category for all books categorized for new muslims.

Pro Muslims

For existing muslims looking to expand their knowlegde on Islam, we have created a particular section of all relevant books. Please refer to the Pro muslims category.

Islamic Students

We offer basic Islamic studies books from grade 1 to grade 12 students. To view the available books refer to the Pro Islamic students category.


All deliveries are provided nationally and internationally through SMSA. in the Middle East our delivery charges account to SAR 40 per order.  For details regarding the locations included in the delivery service, please refer to the below link.

Darussalam also offers worldwide international deliveries for all orders up to 10kg in weight. Delivery rates would be subject to the country of destination and can take up to 5-7 working days to deliver.